Use your imagination and happiness will comes!

time to experiment!
Yohohohooooo~  tell me readers, what makes you happy today? maybe eat delicious pancake, have a new stuff, play with your best friends, go for picnic, or whatever... Soooooo, i wanna tell you what makes me happy in this beautiful Sunday! : INPIRATION, or maybe i called it 'magic imagination'. This is invisible thing that always bright my day, it can comes everytime and i never know when. The point is happiness is include with it. My netbook and photoshop is my favorite friends, so when i collaborate my magic imagination with them, VOILA! The result is this quirky and fun picture! Do you like them?hope you like it. Yeah, i only a beginner in photoshop, i still learn many thing, but the important thing is i'm happy doing my project :)

Ah ya, some of you ask me what camera i ussually use to take picture. Okay, i'll tell you little secret. Do you believe all picture in this blog were taken by my handphone camera?  Yes! thats true i'm not kidding! Pssst, the secret recipe is my best friend : photoshop, just give little magic touch and it will change more fine. But, of course i really want a DSLR camera too :( i know the price is not cheap and dad always make us (his child) to buy something with our money, so i just waiting the day until my money already collected. I had thought how if i buy digital camera, cause SLR is expensive and my money today is enough for buy cam-di. But my brother said "no! if you wanna buy, buy something perfect, don't patchy!" Yes,yes, yes. i know he's right. So i'll buy it later, a dreams camera! i promise i'll make post about it one day. wait me :)

So, my magic imagination theme today is eyeglass. and they're the result! have a great Sunday! ;)


everything look juicy from watermelon glasses

this apple glasses is pretty cute right?
i love yellow! >.<

mint is cool.
*all background and eyeglass were taken from google.


  1. me too, I want a DSLR camera too, your dream same with me..
    okay, I hope we can buy DSLR camera, as soon as possible, :D

    oh ya, follback me, dear..
    thank you,

    1. sure dear, i'll follow you back :) please check at your follower box

  2. Very funny and cute pictures!


  3. 9OOMGG!! very curteee <3
    Instagram: @michelleothman


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