Rest Time!


Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God.
Thankyou so much Ya Allah cause 5pm was passed! and the good news is tomorrow is Saturdaay!!!This is my happiness moment recently. Yah, this is my first week for working in a company, and for your information : being an employee is super tired and you'll miss home in first time working (this is true!). I must be grateful to Allah cause God placed me in super friendly environment. They're so kind to me, the only one problem is a super complicated job is waiting...Imagine, there are dozen folder with so many branch, and every branch has a lot of document. And i must remember, where i must input this and that document, typing it perfectly cause little mistake will make big problems, after that process them, give into right people, and the cycle repeat. And first week was really hard time for me, i try to learn everything i never know before, sometimes desperate comes and falling down my mood, but sometimes there's a light shining my mind and give spirit for work again.

I always miss mom at first time work, hahaha maybe that sound so hyperbolic but believe me! when you're in  strange environment and not yet know other people well you'll miss home and your family, cause your soul are always there. in 4 days i sleep beside mom, i don't know but i feel so peaceful beside her. My parents is my spirit for everything, and Allah always help me everytime. Ya Allah please make everything easier, make my skill capable and expert in work, and the important thing is i'm happy when doing my job and my company environment. AMIN.

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