a Letter for you

"Hello there, how are you?"
I'm good here and everything alright, but there's something less how happy i am. I don't know how to say my feeling about it, cause i'm sure it will need a loooong time to heard that. So i just makes this post as a letters for you all my dear friends. I don't hope you'll read this or what, spent 3 years with you and did all super journey and makes some beautiful memories was more than enough for me. After graduated and living in working life feel so FLAT for me. My office environment was really kind to me and I like my job, but not like as love/passionate, you know what i mean right? I miss nature, i miss traveling with you, i miss taking picture of beautiful scenery, i miss my gossip time, i miss an idiots memory along 3 years, i miss you guys :'I.

You're busy and far away now, and me too. Some of you even work in other city, our distance was so far today.. 2 weeks ago, i saw a train passed, Its feel sooooo nostalgic and reminds me about our holiday last year, there's a lot of memories i can't forgot. I always pray to God to give us the best way, we're now walking to each way, separated by time and distance, chase our goals, but i won't forget you guys. Sometimes i imagine, in 5 years or 10 years later what we will be? I hope we'll met a year later as a success and bright people.  Miss you guys and see you later!


  1. Gorgeous photographs dear! Looks like you had fun.


  2. Nice post , thank's for your sweet comments on my blog :))
    i have follow you .. Do you mind to follow me back ?


  3. Love to see all the pictures, it must be so memorable.


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