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Its almost a couple weeks i try  to found something new when  go online, i'm type people that easy bored and moody. Open social media everyday, read people status, or bla..bla..bla.. feel so saturated now. So i'm trying to find something new on internet, something interesting, and i go here and there, take a look at other people site or shop, and said "Oh this good" or "Wow, this so creative" or "Oh My God i wanna go to that place too!" or "This shoes is very very cute!" and more words...... Until, a site stop me for a long time. and i said "THIS IS INTERESTING!" So, the site name is far far hill (you can click them on the photoshop experiment list in right side of this blog.) It provide you a lot of vintage freebies, old paper, background, postcard, frames, etc. If you love to makes digital scrapbook or editing photos like me, i recommend this site! 
this is the result from freebies that i download from that site.
 Ah, i add some picture from many vintage freebies here. Look, aren't they look so classic & fabulous?

i use this freebies for my photos above. :)


  1. I always love your photos.


  2. This is so lovely! LIke it a lot! thanks ><.. i like how u applied them in ur photos

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    1. hello Emily, i've follow you back dear :) please check

  4. Wow awesome post! The vintage elements are so perfect, i love it!

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  5. thats so awsome vintage..i very like ur photograph too :))
    salam dari EPICENTRUM
    wait for ur visit :))


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