Family Photo Journal

Holaaa! long time no see blog, so today i don't go for work, cause today is 'iedl adha' or we usually called it 'lebaran haji' in my country. I'm so happy of course, it feel spending 1 day off with family in my sweet home is not enough. I had no idea in a whole week for posting, and i spent today with eat delicious food and cleaning house with my family. Tick..tock.. Oh God, today almost gone :( i wanna eternalize this worthed day with a story in my family in this post. Enjoy! :)

My dad is adventurer when he was young, he studied biology and went to jungle, mountain, river, sea, Oh my... i wish i could do all dad journey.. Dad also love photography, he's a photographer , he said to me " i love take nature and animal picture, but if you want to get much money you can be a photographer who take photos of model in commercial magazine and sometimes sexy woman appear there, but i don't like that." I love my dad in so many way :) he has a strong principle.

In September 1992, i was born in a lovely town called Bandung. 2 year later, my brother born. We spent our childhood together, i never forget that sweet and idiots memories with my brother. Sometimes mom bought us same cloth, thats so funny remembering other people think that we're twins. I saw how hard mom and dad work for us, and i feel proud of them at that time though my age only 5 years. I still remember i always crying every morning when mom wanna go for work, and my nanny just said "mom will back sweetheart..", and that situation repeat everyday until i think "why i'm crying? cry or not, mom still go work. Oh, this is wasting time." then i never cry again when mom work. (I still can't believe i can thinking like that at that time).
thats baby is me!
wohooooooooooo~ i got a brother guys!
aren't we looks cute?
we're growing up..
i'm so happy born in this warm and lovely family
playing with emon
singing with mom~

me and emon (brother)


  1. Beautiful family book!! Eid mubarak dear.


  2. Happy & lovely family....selamat lebaran haji ^_^


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