i'm sure you're familiar with this word 'Halloween'. talk about this topic, remind me into candies, zombies, kids, trick or treat!, jack O'Lantern, spooky, etc..thats so many old strory about halloween. One said,

"Halloween comes from Samhain festival who celebrated by old celtic people in Ireland. They believed that on October 31, the gate between the world of the dear and the living were open. They wore costumes and masks to impersonate the evil spirits. And the other said ,

"Halloween is short for All Hallows' Even (eve and even equally mean evening / night) which means the night before the feast of All Hallows is now called the Feast of All Saints (All Saints Holy Day). The letter "n" at the end of the word Halloween comes from the even."

World always keep and born something misterious, something new, create a history. Then, the history hereditary from time to time, the strory develop, re-new or added with some flavour, and thats what we know today. You may think i am strange or what i exactly i wrote tonight? hahaha, no problem, cause i can understand if you think like that. Someone said, "everybody has their own thought, and there's nothing wrong or true, cause we're looking from different side. You saw that, and i saw this. Nothing is wrong." Okay lets back to our topics, i don't celebrate halloween, and i don't have deep knowledge about halloween history, but i like this painting and drawings! and i love to see halloween cartoon movies! :)

picture source from google


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