Sundays adventures~

Hola ! i'm back my dear blog.. i had busy week in my office, so when i'm home i didn't have any energy and mood to open my netbook even thats only watching movie or editing some pictures. But today is Sunday! and i got several unique and lovely stuff yesterday, yohoooooooo~~ Oh God, i wish i have additional time for travelling or holiday with my friends, wearing those new stuff, thats would be a perfect lifetime. Btw, cause that wish can't be realized, so i just makes myself traveling in a picture. Hehehe, just move myself into great place, thats fun! :D Yah, but now the reality is i'm work. I don't know how long i'll exist in this company, but i hope God show me a direction into a job which i love and passionate. Amin :) i must grateful for everything, this is soooooo much worthed Ya Allah. Keep me save and happy. :) Happy Sunday!

I've looking for this round glasses about 6 month! finally found it! thats like john lennon glass <3 i think

i like this shoes, sweet and simple right?

thanks for visit my blog! Happy Sunday all! if you're interested about the stuff in this post, just contact me on 085624720221 :)

*all background pics via google


  1. I always lovee how you make your photos.



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