Little bit excessive.

2 month, i've been working on this company. Many experience and story happened. happy or sad. and i don't blame my friends in my room if they always ask me "are you okay? or are you feel comfortable working here?" I know they ask that question cause some people in my team have 'unstable emotion'. But i'm tired hear that question so often.
once again, i said "Thankyou for your concern."
i know sometimes i feel mad with my team, but please don't be hyperbolic.
Oh guys, i don't desperate or what -_____- NO, i'm okay guys. If i am keep silent and not talking too much IT MEANS i've something to do on my work, i was thinking something, and PLEASE DONT JUDGE I'M DESPERATE OR WHAT -_-, Gosh sometimes thats really disturb me. Can you imagine, when i pray and meet my top, then i smile to her. Guess what she said : "so happy looking you smile like this, is this only a mask?" What the hell? O my God, even when i smile ( and thats NOT FAKE smile) she said like that?! Gosh. i dont hate her talking like that, no. I just think, how can other people judje my image like that? that must be a result from something. And i think thats comes from hyperbolic perception, please don't judge people if you dont know what they really feel. Sometimes you wrong.


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