Happy New Yeaaar 2014!

Lets say hello to 2014 and say goodbye to 2013. Tonight we count together until midnight, and at 24.00 o'clock everybody will scream "happy new year!" or in my country "selamat tahun baruuu!" then you can hear thousand trumpets blown. Please don't ask how i spent this night, you'll find me in my bed with my pillow, blanket, and watching movies along night. Dad never permit me spending new year night with my friends like walking in the street at midnight where's we can see fireworks, many accecories merchant, lamp, and everybody out for spent new year. Yah, i understand, i'm a girl and of course maybe he little bit (or super) worry if his little girl hang around at midnight and the crime news in tv make everything complete. Yeah, here i am, blogging in my lovely room, but hey this is not too bad :) Plus, i got flu, PERFECT.

So so so......... look back into last year, Oh thanks God for give me many opportunities travel into beautiful place and spent funny time with friends. Hope this year everything better and better, beautiful, and full of achievements. AMIN



  1. Happy new year.


  2. hay salam kenal...
    Bagus banget blognya ....
    jadi iri pengen punya blog kayak gini hehehehe.

    oiya jangan lupa mapir ke blog saya hafiznatara.blogspot.com

  3. Replies
    1. hola hafiz and abdul! thanks for visit :)


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