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Holaaaa! sorry for lack update my dear blog.. Hehehehe, there's a lots story to tell. About life, friends, work, and about something hard to explain. My life going well :) and yesterday was the happiest time for working in my office, its feel sooo relax because of several reason. My parents are healthy, and mom still like talking thousand words everyday ( you know what i mean right?) yeah, though thats make me headache but it means mom is healthy and normal. Fiyuuh~ i decide traveling to Lembang with my friends today, but pff, God Plan hit me again, my friends had an additional job today so that plan canceled. Pfff, i had super bad mood yesterday because of this, i'm so mad. But i choose to forget it, like we never have a plan today, thats better. And the last is something complicated hahaha, maybe my friends will be super excited to hear about this topic (if you're my best friends you know what topic i'm talking about right?) hohoho, yeah its about somebody, i can't tell it here cause i just tell this topic with God, God is the best listener and the best secret keeper ;) Don't worry kimobolo & yayabolo, i'll introduce him to you someday in the right time, but not now okay? i think i've many task to do to repair myself. Just hope everything better and better from time to time. Amin! Lovely Saturday

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  1. Great style :D
    And cheer up girl i know you can go through this :D

  2. Love your outfit. And those pictures are pretty nice!



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