Please don't left me Saturday..

Hi ! If my feeling have a face to show, you'll see it smiling only for this 2 days (yes, Saturday and Sunday) and maybe you'll see flat face for the next 5 days. Hahahah.. (don't ask me, i'm sure you know the reason). I really want have self-private time in my weekend. Oh God, this is super precious day, and time flies super fast..I don't want to face monday, pfft. Lets forget that fucking thing i won't spoil this lovely Saturday.  Ah ya, by the way christmas and new year are getting closer, December almost end. I've some target and decision in 2014 one of them is out and find for new job i love. I don't have problem in my office, but i just have incompatibility, i don't want discuss it further. I just hope Allah show me the right way into the job i love and extra ordinary & friendly friends! AMIN. Ah, tomorrow i'll go to buy some books and shopping with my friends, yuhuuuuuuuuu! this is so exciting! and today i'm in progress for finish my photobook project, surrounded by hectic activity you love is the most enjoyable way to run your life. You won't feel tired though your body tired, cause you love it and the spirit always make you on fire to do that activity. Oh thanks God, thank you for giving this lovely Saturday.. :)


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