Sweater and oxfords shoes

I'm not fashionista and i'm not an update girl who always following fashion trends. To be honest i love old style, and i hate to wear many stuff and look 'crowded' when go outside, every people has their own style but i think simple is better for me. I love John Lennon style, his circular glasses, his different thought (despite i don't agree with some)  But in so many ways i like his style, he's different. My favorite outfit most are : sweater/shirt + jeans + oxfords shoes + vintage bags + scarf of course (cause i'm moslem :) In my mind thats the most PERFECT outfit and here i browse some picture. Look! aren't they super cool? Hehehe. Have a nice Friday Night readers! see you :*

pics source : google


  1. Such a lovely photos. And nice items!


  2. love these looks you've put together


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