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all picture on this post taken with my EOS 60D
Hola! finally i publish this post, hehehe. Okay this maybe kind of long story, so take a comfort seat and you can prepare a pieces of cake or cookies plus a cup of tea while reading this post. Hmm.. where i must start my tale? like my previous post before i've tell you that i'm resign from my company, I never regret my decision, life is a choice. After that i really need time to alone, it must be a quiete place, have a clean air, and have many trees with fresh leaf. Then, i went to a little village in central java called Ngurangan, and at that place live an old woman in her wooden house, i call her 'grandma' :) 

Grandma's house was really far from my house, i leave my home at Saturday night with car, its rain along night, i pass toll road leave my city. Go away from crowded town, far.. far away..
After few hours in car, sun appears from back the mountains shining our earth, thats so beautiful. The farther we drove, more amazing the scenery i saw. There's wide green rice field in my left and right side, and i also saw a white bird, or in my country it called 'belibis' fly above it. That was beautiful :') In the afternoon i arrive at grandma's house, how i miss this old lady. Grandma's live with grandfather and my aunt with her lil son. I spent 1 week there, at a whole week just travel by myself and my camera (ah, i haven't a chance to tell you, my dreamlist number two is come true! :) ya! finally i've my DSLR, its Canon EOS 60D, thankyou so much ya Allah..) and here the scenery i snap with my new friend, this is my first time using DSLR so i still learning, Hope you can enjoy! 

this is my aunt lil son, his name is Seno. he's turning 1 year old when i was there. Happy birthday dear!

Happy birthdaaaaaaay Nyo nyoooo~

Nooooooo! use your spoon baby! but hey you look cute little boy >.<

his mouth full of cream

Ah, he is my grandfather, he's 70 years old but still funny and fat. He never serious if talk with me --__-- and always answer with a jokes. But i love him so much grandpa!


  1. Huwah, congratulation, finally you own it (DSLR). Btw, this post make me wanna go to my hometown, huhu

  2. wow!!! congrats!
    and your pictures are so excellent!
    happy weekend to you.
    Maren Anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  3. Wauw. Gorgeous photographs! And congrats with you cousin.


  4. thankyou so much all :* hehehe :)

  5. congrats, mus..
    akhirnya kesampaian juga punya kamera,
    aku berharap bs scepatnya punya kamera impian, hehe
    doakan ya, :D


    1. iyaa amiiin ya ine :) thanks for visit my blog ;)

  6. beautiful.........perfecto. I like it :)


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