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There's something envelope my mind recently, i try to live my life normal as possible like everything is okay but the fact is not. That is a hard thought in my brain, and influence my life or exactly how long i'll be exist at that place. Sitting in front of computer everyday with lots of document, answer telephone, sometimes getting blamed by some people, and the most funniest thing is there's several people who assume this and that about me then told me to do this and that like they're the expert and can know everything about me in short time, even thats only look at my outside appearance . Thankyou, thankyou very much for your concern. But hey, sometimes you wrong, people is mysterious and i just wanna say, please don't judge somebody from their outside look, even you're older than me thats not assure you're thought always true right? Today i think about  how to end this and turn to another way, i pray and tell everything to my Lord, my God, Allah SWT. Insyaallah i'll find the way.


  1. Ya, insya Allah you'll find the way, darling! I lov yout blog theme. Clasic and simple.

  2. Beautiful quotes. And in sha Allah you will find your way.


  3. beautiful quotes & pictures, they make me want to travel somewhere exotic. sadly, people tend to base a lot on outside appearances, but those that matter don't!

  4. just be yourself, cz we just live once. may Allah bless you!
    nice to know you anyway! think to start following your blog. feel free to visit mine :)


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