Brrr...brrr... Most of city in my country are rainy along day, last week when i'm in central java its rain almost everyday! usually that was a hot and barren place, but it feels sooo cold recently. If i saw my tv there's lots flood everywhere, i'm lucky my home is in high place called Bandung so we never get flood comes to our house, buuut you can imagine the temperature is super duper cold! and i got flu now & can't stop sneezing since this morning.

Actually i wanna make my upcoming post today, but somebody make me upset with hack my mail! huh. i try to fix it back, and now it still on progress, but if i can't take my gmail back, pfff... i'll announce my new email to you all. Ah, i made some photoshoot with my lovely sweater today, hehehe its my red old sweater, and i love it so much! ;) i'm enjoy stay at home recently, and i've some project to do, this is fun! :D


  1. Well, always better than the cold. :$



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