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This post is throwback to 16 January 2014. :)

Hi blog! i miss you ! did you remember about latest post i made? if i've a word to represent this :
"Life was full of surprise and unbelievable track! and we are who choose our track."
I'm out from my company couple weeks ago, and course that decision surprise all people in my office and home especially my parrents, besties in office, and bestfriends from college. Hahaha you can judge me as an idiot person or everything because i'm out without telling to anyone and suddenly i lost from everybody, its up to you. But for information, i've thinking about this for loooong time, looking into a deepest part of myself, search something, and who know exactly your life is yourself, and this decision is a result. At that day, when i'm officialy resign from my company, and send email to my boss, suddenly my phone was full with telephone, BBM, Whatsapp, and messages from my office friends, and sure you can guess their question is "where are you?are you okay?whats wrong?why you leave us :'(?etc....." and i'm just look at my phone without answer those question.
At that night i got surprise cause my besties from my office came to my house, riding motorcycle when it rainy outside, then she give me a hug in my home, or last hug cause we won't meet up again for a long time since that night. Oh how i love you both kak putri&kak tika :') then of course they're ask me the same question and insist they won't go home before i answer their question, i smile and said "if you're stay here untill tomorrow, you still won't get the answer." And they just look at me with a confuse face like think "whats wrong with you???" and i'm sure that makes them more curious than before. i'm sorry guys, i didn't mean to be a cruel person, but to explain the reason why i'm quit can't so simple like typing few words in my phone then send replies to you all, its not like that.. I even don't tell the reason to my parrents, i hope you can understand. And i'll stay at village for several time, far far away from crowded town, finding my own path. See you on the next post!


  1. Houwaah. It must be a big and hard decision. Good luck for you then :)

  2. good luck on your choices. I hope you'll find the that deepest part on yourself soon. just don't make the people who cared about you get sad or dissapointed. :)


    1. thankyou izzah and eka :) wish me luck with my life :)))))) yohooooooooooo~

  3. Lovely photos. The most important thing to do is doing something what makes you happy!!


    1. thankyou chahrazad :* and you're right! ;)


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