A Place to fall asleep~

Hello! hows life? mine is pretty good :) Eat well, sleep well. Hope i don't have a problem with my weight 
-__- Ah, talking about sleep i want dedicate this post for my lovely room! Yes! the favorite spot in my house! you know, i can spent one day full in my room, i am a bedroom girl :D hihihi, fyi, i love sleep, really! sleep is like a heaven for me..if mom never disturb me when i am take a nap i'll have lots time to sleep. Mom seems hate when see me take a nap in the afternoon, when a wind blowing from my window, and my bed, blanket, pillow called me "come on! take a seat and sleep baby!" its so hard to refuse them right?!, mom believe there's sooooooo many thing you can do in the afternoon than sleep, she always said "if you sleep in the afternoon it means sleep takes half of your life!" yeah thats true.. and i never have my nap in the afternoon when mom is home. So did you remember my post couple weeks ago when i tidy up my messy bedroom? and i said i'll post it for remembering that rarely moments? Here they are!

my favorite colour is green! so i paint my wall with green! :) 

this is my fave corner for me in my room, where is my sweetheart sleeps :)

those blanket and pillow always calling me guys! believe me..

this is books i read recently
my desk

this is my favorite comics! i loooooove this ! 


  1. I love your blog

  2. Oh my. Your room looks great!!



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