A Poems.

Look in a Book
by Ivy O. Eastwick

in a book
and you will see 

words and magic and mystery.

in a book
and you will find
sense and nonsense of every kind.

in a book
and you will know
all the things that can help you grow.


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I hear a bird singing when sitting beside a window in my room, their voice switch my eyes from my computer. Gosh, i never realize this simple scenery when looking out from my window, there was a leaf creeping a wall across my house, and i can see ants and birds playing on the trees. Its looks peacefull. Last day, i launch my new project. I really love notebooks, i have many notebooks in my room, since elementary school i started collect them though i never fill all the pages. Last month i really want to bought a notebooks, but no one can attract my heart in a bookstore, i try to search in internet but i hate the price, so why i don't make my own? i design some cover in my laptop and voila!you can see the result in this photos, yes the pink notebook with black cat, and happily my friends love it! So it would be fun if other can have their own customize notebook too, i fill my notebooks with my drawing, old poems, quotes, etc.. i really enjoying this activites with my notebook :) if you interest with this notebook, you can contact me in 085624720221, (specification : hardcover, plain paper, the price only Rp 38.000)

pardon my messy room 


  1. those pink colours really suits you :)

  2. what a cute pink book ❤
    good poem anyway :D

    join here!


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