Have you ever heard about edelweiss flower? some people called it 'everlasting flower' cause this flower can blooms for a long time, last month when my brother went to Bromo mountain he brings edelweiss for my mother, and mom like that so much. When i saw that flower, i think it look like grass flower but i don't know i feel hypnotized and feeling awesome when hear the name, this flower seems like have its own charisma, thats what make edelweiss one of several favorites flowers in this world for me.

Lets talk about today tale now, thankyou so much God, i feel sooooo excited and happy. There's many inspiration and some happy project to do in my brain. Life is more interesting when we have a (short and big) goal right ? Suddenly, there's lots of pattern and colour passing my imagination, and then i open my closet and found several pattern scarf, shirt, and skirt... Wohooooooo! i'll make some photoshoot with this!ya! then i choose purple beach shirt, green square pattern, batik black scarf, purple scarf, and that magenta blazer. Hahaha, this is little bit weird, if you know me in real life, i really really rare wear skirt! and my scarf is more simple from this photos, most of my daily outfits are jeans, tshirt, & scarf, hehehe. But i feel wanna explore something new and different when inspiration comes, more.. and more.. and i love photoshop and my camera so much! 


  1. Beautiful photos!


  2. Thank you!
    Yes i´d like to follow each other i follow you now :)


    1. i've follow you back maria :) please check ;)


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