Garage Sale!

Yohoooooooooooo, finally finish upload them all to my blog. Ah i forget to say hello first to you all, "hello! :)" As you know i've resign from my office several weeks ago so i've sooooo many spare time in my life now, but i'm happy! (i swear i'm happy!) If others think unemployed is like someone who don't know what to do, for me that statement is absolutely wrong. Otherwise, i feel very enthusiastic run my life from day by day, i always have something to do everyday, and the best part is... my inspiration comes almost everytime! when i'm listening music, hear old singer name, read daddy books or other people blog, watching movies, cooking (hmm, maybe more appropiate if i write 'help mom cooking' hehe) etc... This is what i called happiness that i can't get when i'm work. Few month ago, i feel my brain is full with all about office problems, office problems, office problems, and how to solve that, i tired when back home and just close my eyes fast, in somecase i even dream about office task when i sleep! what the..?! and i really miss my inspiration comes at that time, but it hasn't cause my brain was overloaded. But now i'm very gratefull with my life, i'll take this time as a rest time before i start work again, i hope i got better job than before and it would be great if i love my job :)

Psst, would you like to know my activities recently? but please don't laugh at me, hehehe. Soooo, after looong time and after thousand words out from mom mouth everyday, finally i clean up my messy room! Oh gosh.. i found lots of stuff in my cupboard, in my drawer, in a piles of box and cardboard (for information, i've strange hobbies : collect used cardboard! there's lots of milk package, cosmetics packs, frame wrap, electronic box, and friends... were gathered in the drawer of my cupboard!-__-) Hahaha, you can judge me as a weird girl, dad often ask me, "what will you do with those rubbish?" hahaha, and i just answer " i'll use them someday :D" Then he just go with "Hhhh.." like there was a words in his face like "whatever". Hahahaha, but i have believe, those 'rubbish' will useful someday. So please don't ask me again dad,hehe. Ah! back to my sweet rooms, i found many shiny pieces after dig in every forgotten place in my room, there are : my old books, my snoopy red belt when i'm in elementary school (Gosh!), mini bag, tons of bracelet and necklace, pattern wallet, and sooo many more. Oh.. forgive me my kids, mom is back :') Its need one day full to classify them all and arrange them in right place. Now, my room is clean readers (though i don't know how long it will..-__-) Maybe someday i'll post about my clean room for remembering this moments. But sadly, i think my room space isn't big enough to put all my kids, so i decide to sell my several collection to sleep with you readers! :) i'd be happy if you want take my kids with you in new home, you can see the list under this pics:

This ethnic blue batik is one of my favorite,  but its so hard to choose from many clothes i've. 
The list :
1. Beads necklace         @15.000
2. Round eyeglasses      @45.000 (plain)  @85.000 (blue)
3. Vespa ring                 @15.000
4. Teddy keychain         @10.000
5. Mustache bracellet     @8.000
6. Eiffel bracellet            @8.000/pcs
7. Peace bracellet          @8000/pcs
8. Blazers :
a. chocolate          @45.000
b. blue batik          @195.000
c. soft maroon       @45.000
d. purple polkadot @45.000 
e. light purple         @65.000      
f.  blue polkadot     @45.000  

if you're interested to addopt my kids, kindly contact me via line or instagram : @mussbolo


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