“Logic will brings you from A to Z, but imagination will brings you to everywhere.” ― Albert Einstein

Holaa! Fyuuuuuuhh~ its need a long time and effort to make this post, i need time to alone for thinking and imagine something in my brain, some weird ideas, then pour it in this blog, but its fun! and i don't feel tired, why? cause i love it and i do this activities without pressure from others, just let myself create what i want, everything is up to me, that what i called 'my quality time' with 'passion'. No matter how long that take your time and how hard you think you'll enjoying each steps, nobody can disturb you in your imagination. You know? the reason why i hate 'noisy' people is they're harass my peaceful mind! i can't think and enjoy my time. And sadly one of them is mom -__- i don't hate mom, i love her, but in so many case, i feel peace when i'm alone at home, maybe most of mama really like talking so many words to her kids cause she love them, but 'maybe again' their kids can't see their mama love in a hundreds words that come out from their mother mouth, am i true? hehe, i always love you mom despite you really love talking to me :*

Talking about imagination there's one quotes which i really like, yes, you can see that in the title of this post. “Logic will brings you from A to Z,but imagination will brings you to everywhere.”  ― Albert Einstein. Tartar Sauce! thats 1000% true! now i admit you're the most smart people in this planet Mr. Einsten! I love play with my imagination, its like unlimited space in my brain where i always want to explore more and more.. and this is imagination in my head, hope you like it! :))
dance, dance, dance!~

i love books. i love drawing books. i love reading books! and now i'm trying to finish Stephen Covey Book : "7 habbits of highly effective people" DAMN! Maybe i late to read this, but whatever. (note : this is not kind of promotion or what) Believe me, this is super high quality book . To improve yourself better and open your mindset in different way. To be honest i hate a leadership and kind of management books with thousand theory about that topic, i always switch my eyes if meet that words, i don't know why, it just not attract me. But when i started reading this book, hey..hey..hey.. i learn so many thing! :D Thankyou Mr Stephen Covey to write this book.

*all background,freebies,and vector source via google.


  1. so true... what a for a wonderful post!
    thx for sharing!
    Maren Anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  2. Such awesome photograph! Which program do you use?


  3. Bener banget, aku juga juga seneng pas saat-saat "sendirian" di kamar, sambil blogging, handicrafting, drawing, tanpa gangguan siapapun. ;)

    Salam kenal juga yaa. Maaf baru sempet jalan-jalan ke sini. Yuk, follow-followan :D

  4. I love this post title! Nice editing dear :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

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    1. thankyou all for visiting my blog! :)
      @anisamulyati : sudah aku folback yah ;)

  6. Wowwwwwww......wonderful photograph, darling :)

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