Today Photoshoot : Brother

Have you met my brother? Jreng..jreeeeeng..introducing, the unique dreadlocks boy in our family : Emon my brother .

Yesterday he ask me to take his photos for remembering his hair -__- (yeah, he'll cut his hair soon. and my parrents supported 100% that, dad even offering some money if he want cut his 'gimbal' hair). He make his hair like that when my parrents go for hajj, and mom was surprised after 1 month when back to home she found her son can see at photos above, hahaha that shocking my mom in so many way and she said (in Indonesian) "Ya Alla Gustiiiiii..." or "Oh My God..!". I didn't have problem with my brother hair, i think people who have unusual hair is difference that other, i mean they have their own signature. I don't care other people judge him like crazy man, hobo, bad boys, dll bahahaha, i hate to say this but you know? he's a kind boy! and he love mom so much! and there's lots fun story comes from his dreadlock hair. I'll miss you hair!
ps : he must be angry with me, if know i post this. hehehe, sorry brother!



  1. The photos turned out to be awesome!



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