Sometimes, in my daydream, i look at the sky "whooa.. this world must be really wide.." and when night comes and nature were sleeps, the stars appear, shine from far far distance.. Sometimes i think "Whether, there's a creatures living on that stars? How their look? are they like us in earth? are they have many building and develop technology like people in earth?" We don't know, dad tell me when i was little girl "maybe 'they' are do the same activity like you now, looking this earth from their planet and think is anybody living there?" Hahaha, and 'maybe' thats true. I don't understand why, but i always believe that statement since that day and i really really believe there's other creatures apart from our planet.

I'm very interested with UFO, Mars, alien, moon, blackhole, etc... Some people said they ever seen alien, i watch my tv : from the soil sample there's a life in Mars, etc.. Wooo wooo wooo... There's so many secret in this life! and it makes me CURIOUS! I write some comparison in my notebooks few days ago, approximately the content is like this :
*Earth is a planet => planet surrounding stars as the center of solar system => Sun is one of star
*Solar system (Hmmm, i prefer to call it 'Soly') consist of stars and all object orbiting it, and 'Soly' is part of galaxy. fyi, from theory i read, we live in Galaxy Bimasakti and our Galaxy contains sooo many 'Soly' beside us. and you know again, beside Galaxy Bimasakti there's other Galaxy called Andromeda, etc...

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~ i'm die thinking of this! curiousity..curiousity.. can you imagine all of this?! I mean, our planet is like a dust in universe! So if earth is a grains dust, what people is?! we are nothing. Once again, i remember dad words "human is nothing, but sometimes throne, riches, beauty make their eyes dazzled and forget there's many thing larger and exceed out of there." Totaly true, dad. Whops! Tick tock! time flies so fast, this gonna be a long post right? ehehehe :p Okay see you on another occasion readers! :* kisses.

Mars mysterious creatures
black hole
pics source : google


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