Ciki my cat

This post dedicated for my lovely, cute, cat. Ciki. One day, on the evening when it rains outside i found you wet in our garage, i look out my house and found little poor thing outside and i fall in love at first time to you. Mom never permit us to have a pet, especially cat at house, so i give you blanket and feed you in my garage. I give you a name : CikicikiBumbum or you can call it Ciki. Ciki is fun and pampered to me. On the other day i bath you, and give you shampoo so your fur smell really good, then i play and take some photos of you in the yard. You're so cute and spoiled :') Until comes a day, i must went out of town, and when back home i found you hurt by my neighbour little boy, i feel angry!so angry! i know he only a little boy, but why he must hurt you like that?! doesn't he has a compassion to animal?! i know him, he's bad kids around our house but he's mushy! can you imagine a kid like that? i really want punch him at that time, i take my cat, and get it bath. i look at Ciki's ear, it seems really hurt, i feel angry, i swear. And that afternoon, when my cat at garage and i take a nap, those bad kids come again and disturb Ciki. After that day, i never see my little cat again. Ciki is lost. And i hate that kids. I always pray to God to save you, my beloved, Ciki. :'I  - I love you.

Lets Play.


this is the last day i saw you sleep

i'll always love you and never forget you. love.


  1. ooooo noooo so tragic!
    I am so sorry for you.
    What a hateful children they are!! Where do they learn such crazy things.


  2. Awwh, how cute!!!!


  3. aaahhh..... almost drop a tear when I read it!!
    so saaadd... because I also a cat-lover.... :(
    so sorry to hear that, girl.... :(
    Ciki will remember your kindness in heaven..... aaminn....


    1. thanks for visit girls :') hope my cat will be alright


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