Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, how are you? So sorry blog for neglect you :* you know, there's other things to do and my mood was not pretty good for make some updates. I've hard week recently, i hate that. My tears almost falling down when remember that, but no! i hate to see myself cry like a weak, even somehow i can't hold my tears. i must strong and get a solution for this. I think my life is good enough for now, and i enjoy my life,really! but there's several people have another thought, and that hurt me deeply. Its hurt not cause they say bad words for me, no, it hurt cause they're people who i love so much and they want the best for me, but we're have different way. So i feel pricked. 

People never know what others hide from their smile, mind are belongs to each self and God. I try to find something that can build my spirit, and i think Allah brings me to this book (Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic) Nick is a man without hands and foots, in a nutshell, he only has head and body. Can you imagine that? i can't imagine if God test me like that in my life. But Nick is strong, he even can arround the world to give spirit to every people who have everything but think their life is poor and always bad.  I feel so inspired by him, Oh God, there's always good reason when you create everything, and in Nick case, his strength not appear  like turning hand, he pass hard time when kids, he also cry, and feelin frustated, and the point is : everything is up to you, if you focus on negative side and feelin sorry your self continuosly the result is desperate and hate feelin comes. There's 2 symbol in this world : - and + (negative and possitive) So why we don't try to look into the other side? The possitive. Tartar Sauce! thats why i like reading book like this, it open my mind and always make me feel better. :) Now, i can smiling again on my life, thank you Nick! your book is awesome!

By the way, daddy makes this furniture in my house, he make it himself without help from others! my dad is a good carpenter right?! hahaha, fyi, my grandfather has a furniture store when dad still kids so maybe he learn many things from grandpa. Ah, and i think dad is multi-talented man, he can fix and do everything! if there's a problem with a water, electric, car, stuff, etc.. he also can solve them! i don't disown if dad has good analitical intellection, maybe that a reason he can find the root from many problems and fix it. I love this rack, then i put some stuff on it and take picture. Isn't it pretty? hehehe :)

See you on the next post!


  1. Beautiful photographs. I love your soft pink bag. Its so pretty! Perfect for spring.



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