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Hi! i'm so excited for make this upcoming post, after browsing here and there i got some inspiration! wohoooooooooo~ actually i got 2 theme, and here i let you take a peek for one : Tea Time. Just inspired by teapot, vintage cup, flowers, etc. Ah, i also concept it on my drawings, you can it see above. This post will be full edited and my photoshop experiments like usual. So, wait me ok? Hehehe, smooch! :* 

this is my lovely friends who accompany me when drawings
okay, first set your mp3 player, i really love listen instrumental music.

then drawings the concept in your mind.
tada! this is the theme for next post (TEA TIME!)
my notebook is my inspiration library, i keep my precious thought, art, ideas, etc.. there.

i fell in love for illustration recently, so i try to draw an object and coloring it on photoshop, look at my drawing above, it still need loooooots of improvement right?hahaha. I ask my brother to teach me about adobe illustrator but he seems have other thing to do than teach me that, huh! well, i'll learn by myself like usual. This feel very interesting! :D
See you on next post! ;)


  1. Hi , Mustika, looking cute. I like vintage tea time theme too, and doodling, but my doodles are very mess haha. By the way...I've been following your blog since a while back. :)
    xx, Nataya

    Naty Ponders Style
    Chachamisu Photoblog

  2. Hello, I'd love to follow you but whenevr I want to proceed, GFC just tells me 'We're sorry, we're unable to proceed your request' or something like that...

    All the best,

    1. Hi kati, i also have same problem for several times, but you can try other time and it works ;)


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