women watch from bornprettystore, love it!
Holaaaaaaaaaa! Sorry for lack updates, i'm working on Jakarta recently, and i didn't bring my netbook, you can imagine how i miss you blog. Last night i went home to my lovely town : Bandung. Oh, really miss the fresh and cool air.. I trapped at traffic jam cause everybody out at long weekend, bfff, but i still excited to met my family especially mom and dad :). 

And there's one happy reason that makes me super excited back home, my packet have arrived! Last month i wish for having some new stuff, and lucky me a store called : bornprettystore sent me an email and kindly let me choose their new arrival product, wohooooooooo! My choice fall at a retro wrist watch, i love the vintage look of that watch so i choose it. Last night when i arrived, i ask mom where's my packet, and i found a cute box on the table (you can see the picture below) i love that box! and i open it, then found my watch inside! The condition is good! and i love it, the watch fits my hand perfectly. Fyi, Bornprettystore sell many product like wrist watch, iphone 4/4s case, bracelet watch, and many more with affordable price and they also offers free shipping worlwide, one more, the good news is you can get 10% off with code MUHAC10, what a nice offer right? So what are you waiting for girls?come and visit them you'll love it! Don't forget to get 10% discount with code MUHAC10. Happy shopping and have nice weekend!

what is inside this cute box?
taraaaaaa! its retro wrist watch! 
take a look closer,  isn't it cool? as you know i love everything vintage, so this is my favorite :) 
the watch fit perfectly on my hand!
thankyou bornprettystore!


  1. Looks nice! Ps. have fun at your parents. Enjoy your stay.


  2. Daaangggg girl I also fall in love with that watch! It's in the perfect size for me huhu ;___;


  3. I loveeeeee it looks great on youuuuu Kak Mustika!
    Btw I forgot how does your blog was on my following list but I'm not regret though... Glad to know you! I hope we will always keep in touch.

    Btw I invite you to join a giveaway in my blog, I'd be happy if you take a look:)

    Love from Yogyakarta :)

  4. that watch is so pretty and i can see why you really like it! hope you enjoyed your stay in Jakarta!

  5. pretty nice blog, following :)

  6. very cute watch!
    looks vintage and sweet on you =)


  7. I love your watch...:)
    But the music in your blog shocked me, darling :)


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