Fasting - Ramadhan 2014

Saturday! i've been waiting for this day on a whole week. Fasting make me drooling every time i saw food or smell something delicious, hahahaha everything look 'sooo perfect' when we're prohibited to touch them, Those food seems like talking to me " come here darling, you'll know how delicious i am", then this stupid girl imagine how it taste, is it sweet? super delicious? or super fresh when we put them on our mouth? Oh damn, then i left those evil food, and went to other thing. 
Lets talk about ramadhan, to be honest i asking myself for several time : why i can't feel the atmosphere of holy Ramadhan this year, and couple years ago? its totally different, when i celebrate ramadhan when 7 years old, i feel super excited for sahur, buka puasa, read al-qur'an, watching ramadhan tv program, mudik, etc... I I know i grown up and getting older, and course that makes a change. But, thats not i mean. Whether, my sins are overload so that impact my heart for welcoming Ramadhan? Oh yes, i've lots sins since come to this planet.. i'm sorry God ._. 
happy saturday & happy fasting for you! :)


  1. Maybe because Ramadan is now in the summer?



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