Ied Mubarak 2014

Hello! hows your lebaran day? today my dad big family gathered in our house. In a nutshell, my grandma (from dad) have 11 children, my father is number 9, and this year we're gathered in our house cause this is his turn. Wohoooooooooo, there are so many people came to our house, everybody from other city comes, its about 100 people there, you can imagine how crowd my house. I feel happy today, alhamdulillah :) yeah, though i don't refuse if a days before i had cold war with dad, cause a different perception (i don't want discuss it right now, its already passed) and the important thing is i'm happy! and next is my play time!wohoo! thanks god

my silly brother (cupi & emon)

what everybody love : time for MONEY! (THR)

"Minal aidzin wal faidzin."


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