"Hello August."

Hello blog! how are you? its been couple weeks we didn't met right? i've lots story to tell :) Ah, first. let me welcoming this month (August) wooo, this month maybe my last time to stay at Jakarta cause i've finish those project, and after this i'll back home and stay in Bandung. Yohooo, i think i'll take long holiday before started working again, or choose different option like my parrents want (studying again). Yah to be honest i still not interest if i must take an extention, my major don't attract me at all, even for switch my eyes. I still pray to Allah, to show me the way, show me the way, show me the way to the job i love. I believe i'll find the way! just stay calm and keep walking on, hehehe. Ah ya, i almost forgot, the first thing i'll do after this month is re-decorate my room! wooohooooooo feelin so excited for the new look of my room! i think bedroom is private area, so it must makes you comfort for everything..for sleep, work, watching movies, reading books,etc...i've make my own concept on my drawing book, hope you'll like my new room, wait me ok? hehehe :) 

By the way, this photos taken when i want to play somewhere last month. The sweater and shoes are belongs to my brother, love the pattern! fyi, the sweater made by my brother and his friends, how do you think? i think this is good stuff :) have a nice day!


  1. Great photos dear. Love it!


  2. Hai keren deh blog nya. Blogwalking dan menemukan blog mu. Aku belum punya blog sekarang, tapi terinspirasi utk bikin karna kamu. Kenapa gamau nerusin sekolah? Beruntungnya ortu masih ada rejeki nyekolahin :)

    1. halo! terimakasih sdh berkunjung. about school, like i've told on my post, i want to do something i love that makes me happy when i'm working, and my passion not exist on my major :)


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