Throw away your burden into the Sea

Everybody has their favorite place, a place that makes them comfort, a place that makes our mind peace only with seeing it. Nature is my favorite place to stay for long hours, even that only sit and breath. Looking at God creature always amaze me all the times, every detail is perfect, everything is awesome. Many people in this world love beach, so do i. Gosh, i just can’t stop admiring how beautiful this planet. Yesterday i sit in a beach and saw the sea ahead, feelin those sand on my feet, and the warm sun shine my body, that was one of many great day i ever had.
The waves move slowly and elegant, close your eyes and listening the voice that comes from the sea, then you’ll feel a word that i called  ‘serenade’. Throw away your bad life, scream out loud as you want, Sea will gulp down your voice and lost with the waves.


See you later!


  1. Beautiful photos dear!


  2. Beach is also my favorite place and my favorite moment was when the wind blow not too hard and the sun shine warmly then I'll just close my eyes and remember about my dream and how far I've survived and lived this life. Aaah you make me miss the beach

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  6. Love the sea and beach... so peaceful!

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