A Bar of Chocolate

What kind of food on the picture above? Chocolate. Yes, that  just a bar of chocolate. But this chocolate makes me cry even i only seeing it. This is a birthday gift from my dad. From many gift i received, this one look very simple and nothing special if compared to other gift, but maybe the reason is : this is from dad. My parrents were busy person, they have a lot of task to do on their mind, and maybe thats why they don’t remember my birthday. Yeah, to be honest i don’t have any expectation from others in my birthday. I always think that birthday just a day like other day, the difference is you born at that date long time ago.  I’ve accepted the fact that today will passed like usual, its no problem if mom and dad don’t remember my day, but when sundown, dad give me this chocolate with paper above. He write a notes on the paper by himself, very simple words, and he even doesn’t say anything. The words is short, but deep. I try to hold my tears, and say thankyou with smile, then dad go for watching tv. For information, my dad is lil bit mysterious, he never talk too much, dad is analytical person when face problem, he also have sharp eyes that makes me scared sometimes, and the last is he look like doesn’t care, but honestly he know everything!. I never thought that dad will remember my birthday, he live in silence, thats why this chocolate and the short letter feelin so special. Thankyou so much dad J and thanks for my friends who give me gift, birthday greet, etc, i’ll always remember you guys! Smooch :*


  1. Chocolate is always a great gift. Sweet of your father!


  2. That is a cute post.
    Happy birthday.
    I follow you.



  3. I've never heard of that chocolate before! But I do love cashews :) Happy birthday!

    And thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I'm now following you on GFC.

    xo Azu


  4. so cool!

    please follow me if you like!

  5. Chocolate and words from heart are something most beautiful what you can give to other person ! Great post. And Happy birthday I wish you all the best !! :*

    Love, Tabiči <3



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