Tik tok,
wooooo time flies so fast, its September already . I’m back home to my lovely town (Bandung), 5 months in Jakarta left thousand moments and lessons on my life. I met new people with different characteristic, they’re  fun, flat, annoying, unpredictable, humble, silly, weird, etc.... everybody is unique. Lucky me, i surrounded by kind people in my department that makes me grateful more and more. I also met several people who has supeeeeeer good attitude, humble, and kind i’ve ever know in my office and boarding house. sometimes that makes me think “why? why they’re very kind to others? i don’t understand..”.  To be honest i’m type person who has low respect to other, i don’t care about what people think, what they feel, especially if i don’t know them. Thats terrible right? Haha.. met some kind people like that makes me realize one important thing, thankyou for slap me, hope we’re grown become better and better people. Amin.

Ah, this is some photos with my office friends when i stay at Jakarta. Nice to met you guys! Maybe we’ll met each other on the other days, i don’t know when, maybe next month, next year, 3 years later, or 10 years later, but over all i wanna say thank you guys for every moments we create! I never forget you all! Stay young and keep rockin! See you later on other occasion guys J

Ps : special thanks to mba anita,mas mus, mas yudi, mas haryo, papap usnan, mb aya, teh ulfa, reni, teh dewi, wilda wakwaw, yayabolo, mba ayu, bapa susu, mas2 bali yg suka kasih kue, aa warung mie, ibu galak yg negor aku di mesjid, tmn2 kosan, mas mimin, mb femi, dll, i’m gonna miss you J

Kisses :*


  1. I hope you had a great time!



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