A Day with Books

i love books! dad has lots of books in our house, i started reading them since i was 6 years, my favorite books until today is a book with picture inside, it was interesting for me to read a book with picture or photos and my fave topic is arround : travel, motivation, other people experience, art, nature, & photography. I always admire intelligent people who has wide knowledge, open minded to everything, see problem from different side, i think they're cool. Stephen KingOn Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, said “Books are a uniquely portable magic.”  Well, i'm not genius girl or what, i just do what i love in my whole life cause that makes me happy and excited. Have a nice friday!

i looove illustration on this book by kak lala bohang (one of many my favorite artist)

picture taken by best buddy ever :p


  1. Your outfit is so chic! I love what you're wearing :) Those ballet flats are the perfect touch.

    xo Azu


  2. Itu mikroskop? at home? super cool babe !

  3. Very nice pictures.
    What`s your favorite kind of books?



  4. Same here. I lovee reading books. <3


  5. yesterday i said to my mama to make a reading room. then now i see yours. get jealous! :(

    cool photo effect anyway..


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