Hey Arnold!

i'm watching this cartoon on my notebook recently, this is my favorite cartoon when i was kids, Hey Arnold! is an American animated tv series created by Craig Bartlett for Nickelodeon. Craig Bartlett is an animator for Rugrats and Hey Arnold, anyone remember that movie? When i was kids i always adore this cartoon, Arnold is a boy with baseball head, to be honest there is no one look normal on this cartoon, all people on this movie have a strange phisical, but i think the story is good! Arnold live with his unique family (funky grandma, granpa, pig, and strange neighboor), sometimes he like to do some experiments, he has lots of friends with many characteristic, and the coolest thing is his room! you know? i'm watching his room with sparkling eyes when i was in elementary school, i hope i have a room like that (you can see his room on this picture). 



  1. I love this cartoon so much. It's always annoy me how Helga have this huge crush on him but she's always rude to Arnold <3

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd
    instagram > @rizunaswon

    1. yeees, thats funny thing when Helga met Arnold >0<

  2. aduh ini kartun favorite banget, suka berandai andai punya kamar kaya punyanya arnold dulu :D


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