Whimsical Forest

Tip toe, tip toe, 
careful where you tread.
Spotting all the toadstools, 
little roofs of red. 

Looking through the forest,
unearthing mysteries.
I listen very hard, 
to whispers on the breeze. 

Deep deep woodland, 
with your magical presence.
Admiring wild flowers, 
captivating essence. 

Oh dark mysterious forest, 
you have a tale to sing. 
Dragon flies, foxglove hats, 
enchanted fairy rings. 

Ancient stones and paths, 
wise and worthy trees.
Here's where I belong, 
nature calls to me. 

The secret of the forest, 
calls to those it feels. 
Enchanted chosen beings, 
to those whom magic appeals.

Forest Delight by Michele Morgan

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