Drawing Day

I draws often than usual, i spent my days with exercise-exercise-and,exercise to hone my drawing skills. and i love this so much! Drawing is something interesting for me, how we pick color, how we draw an object, it describe our personal style. One picture can means thousand words, cool right? My fave object for drawing is people, especially girl. I love how to dress up girls on my sketch, its fun! By the way, this is my work for recent days, hope you like it! smooch :* ps: you can see my drawing through my instagram : @mussbolo ;) 

i love how she looks.

 this is my drawing book, it contains many picture inside :)

well, i still learning for create pop art

i love this pics! this girl seems free sleeps in the snow!

See you later guys!


  1. I really love your drawings. You are very talented.
    If you ever want to try someone, just let me know. <3



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