I went to a hill few days ago with best friend, the name of that place is Stone Garden, you know? the scenery is soooooooooooo gorgeous! You can saw huge rock on top, the place keeper have told us, "if you want to go to stone garden, just use your motorcycle cause its far enough." But we are 2 curious and stubborn girl, said to the keeper : "Ah, no problem we will climb this hill to the top!" and with high confident we started climb, aaaaaaand tartar sauce! the top was farther than we see! i try to breath normally, my water runs out, and my leg feel stiff, but we can't come back babe, we're in the middle hill, and the only one option is continue to the top, yeaaaaah! lucky me, the monkeys don't appear that time, you can imagine if those monkey come near to us and i can't climb faster than them (how scary right?). After all effort, finally we arrived to the top! Woooooooo, everything is amazing from this high place. I won't keep it by myself, so i share the pics here for you! :)

So, our destination is that rock!
wild plant around us when climb

come on! we're getting closer!
this place like a folk.
aaaaaand finally we're arrive!!! wohoooooo

this is not style, she was really had a call.

 See you later guys!


  1. Wauw, masha Allah! Looks like a beautiful place.


  2. great inspiring blog :)



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