Hello! Hows life? Hope you’ve great day and always blessed. If you ask about mine, here some update about life around me => Mom still love to talk (as always), sometimes she’s annoying but in other times she’s very kind, and i love mum :* Dad still thin, i think he can’t be fat man forever (poor dad..or lucky?hahaha), My big brother (emon) become strange boy from day to day,last month i found he has green hair when wake up, and now he cut his hair like ‘dora the explorer’, wear round eyeglasses, and ‘cutbray’ jeans everywhere he go (i think, he look like John Lennon), some people look at him when he go outside, my lil bro (cupi) laugh at him so often, he said his brother so strange. I don’t have problem with my big bro style, people who has different style from others always interesting. Last week, my cousin from overseas come to Bandung, and stay on my house for a few days. She’s nice and soooo tall! we spent time together visiting several place (yah, you know what girls do when met each other right? à gossip, laugh, shopping, and.. you continue the story..). If you ask about me, i still happy and give thanks to Allah. There’s a time that i envy others, and i think everything is not enough if i always look at others, so i started grateful with what i have. I’ll tell you the secret truth, grateful make your heart calm and peace, what can be better than healthy body and peacefull mind? Talk about peace, my mind always wandering to green leaf, woods, river, big trees. I think i’ll go there with my favorite sweater. That would be fun! See you later guys! Smooch :*

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  1. wow, really nice editing. The one at daisy land (is it right?) looks really real. Wondering to come there 0,0

  2. Awesome photos!


  3. hi thx for visit my blog.
    @izzah, all picture are edited on photoshop dear. i just merge myself with another background ;)


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