Soul of life

alice notebook from mussboloproject
Since i love books many years ago, and now transfom what i love to bussiness, it becomes very interesting. I read Napoleon Hill book few days ago, and the book said we can transform something on our brain to something real. It means, what we imagine on our head every single day guide us to create it in the real life, and sometimes we didn't realize that. I'm super excited with this topic recently, topic about 'something that we can't see' , it can be anything, some of you maybe guess 'is that supranatural creatures?' Mmmm.. yes its a one of part, but my point is not that , i talk about energy. Energy is mysterious thing for me. There's lot of case i can't explain and understand. I have one thought on my brain, about this planet, maybe you can call me crazy or weird , but you know? i think this planet is alive. No,no, i don't similize it has blood,and eat like us, but i think this planet has a soul. Hahahahaha, okay..okay.. lets move from this strange thought.

Btw, i'm so excited with my little project. The response is good and increase from day to day. This is few photos from last month photoshoot, if you interested with our book you can check it on instagram mussboloproject 

train trip


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