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Hello girls! hows life ? hope you have great day. 
Hmmm, talk about great day, i got my great day tonight. I used to sleep in this time, but now my eyes are open! you know the reason?
i found cuteeeeee store, yeah, as you know, like other girls around this world, i love browsing and shopping lovely thing with my computer, and thanks God there're loooooots of super duper cute thing over this world, if you're beside me tonight, maybe you can see a stars shining on my eyes, and hear me say : "oh my God, oh my God, this is cute, hey wait..wait..this one is lovely too! Oh, hell no, i found rare items, should i buy this one? Damn! this shoes is pretty..this dress is amazing..this bags is soooo unique...bla..bla..bla... i want them all !!! 
Psst, let me tell you the cute store that makes me drools everytime, the name is sweetquinceaneradress , you can found looots of cute thing there, and one more for you, young and lovely girls who looking for lovely and elegant dress, this store is right choice. Take a look to their sweet 16 dresses and you'll love their collection! i love simple dress, cause i think simplicity is cool. I add several pictures from their collection, you will love it girls. Lets take a peek to this first purple dress. This one is my favorite! the cut, fit perfectly on your body, it makes you look slim and the purple colour makes elegant atmosphere for you

. This one is the good choice The next my favorite dress is this white and black :

Black and white is immortal colour, its never go wrong in any occasion, and i think this dress is very unique. I love the detail on that skirt, its nice work! for you who loves prom night party this dress absolutely a great choice! pick this one and start shining on the party! you are the queen! 

The last dress is this extra pretty green dress. As you know, i love nature so much, and green is my favorite colour since 4 years old. Green is relaxing and peaceful colour, you will look calm and pretty with this one.

So, what are you waiting for ladies? comes and take a look to their store now and find your pretty dress! Psst, be careful with your eyes! because its really cute,hihihihi. Have a nice day and sweet dreams all!



  1. Those dresses are so cute! Thanks for sharing :)

    xo Azu


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