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Dear Allah, tonight i grateful my life. There was nothing special this night, i just realize that my togetherness with my family this time is a precious gift from You. Well, i still quarel with mom, still fight for little thing, but i know i’ll miss this moment in the other day. Alhamdulillah, this Ramadhan i can stick together with my family, my lil bro back from their dormitory, so we did sahur and buka puasa together, how nice. I’m kind of people who can’t express  my trully feelin, everybody in house may see my face so flat like the other day, but i’m sure no one expecting i write somethin like this. I love my family so much. This august i’ll face a test to continue my study, if God wants me to pass it, so  i’ll go to other city for second time, but this time maybe i’ll stay longer than before. Let see what will happen with my life several months later. But i think, my life would be interesting and full of colour, longer i live in this world there’re lots thing i learn about people, about rocks, and about rainbow on my life, whatever that which came on my way, i know that makes me learn more to respect everything and stronger . I never doubt Allah. Thankyou for everything God, please guide me to a better people with happy way.


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