I hate this word : “MAYBE.”
I’m going crazy thinking about somethin with ‘maybe’. I’m gonna die with unclear assumption on my mind. Maybe.. this is like this? Maybe..whats on my mind is true? Maybe.. i’m just hyperbolic girl who think too much/over about this? I’m trying to liberate from this but i don’t understand why its so strong and coming back.
Pfft, by the way i went to quiet beach with dad and brother recently, we took several pics. We arrived at that beach in the morning, the beach still foggy, i can see the sea covered by a fog. Its soo mystical !! At that time, i feel free with my soul.


  1. I feel you on this one. I don't think you're thinking too hard about this word. It's bothered me as well. I would rather hear a straight no or yes. I don't like that feeling of being so unsure and so confused.

    xo Azu


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