It was a tree.

Maybe today is the time, to tell a story.
There is a tree. One black tree, that often makes me laugh and confuse. Because i think, this one is different, i saw this tree on darkness, it was far away from my windows; and i don’t know exactly when i started to fall on it, well that ‘thing’ just steal my attention from day to day – i don’t know why. Time flies, i sit on my chair and get my mind covered with it, you know how suffering that feel? I can’t focus on the other thing. Because i found my sight always on that tree, but we’ve never met even say hello, i found my sight always on that tree but i think that creature doesn’t care to me, it even never move closer, and i thought whether i am the one who feel like this?have i ever cross your mind? i’m on my seat waiting you comes to my window but you still there, i know you never come, i’m waiting in vain. oh i’m poor people. I started to think i’m a fool, What we are? I don’t have a right to say to define ‘what we are’, because you never say anything.  So, you know tree, how confuse i am when somebody ask me to stay with, and i said i can’t – then he ask why?do you have somebody? – oh what should i say? ‘what we are?’. I have nobody, i just have a tree on my mind. Life is so strange. But, do you know tree? I still pray the best for you, always, maybe you just never know. ( i am such a weird girl right?hehe. – i laugh myself again)
Till one night i think, contemplate my mind. and i understand, i know its hard for you to comes. Yes i know. We’ve different world. Sometimes i think you know everything, even in fact i know nothing about you (just my intuition). Sometimes i think, i’m annoying thing for you, i just makes you suffer in uncertain world. Hi tree, am i disturb your life recently? I don’t want to disturb you, cause i know how that pain feels. Should i leave? I know you never comes to me. You was there, unreachable. I can’t see the ending line of us, i can’t see the line, because everything is uncertain. So i walked out, do you hate me? Its okay dear, maybe you just don’t understand. Indeed, i just want the best for you. Live this life better ! Shining. :)



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