I fall in love with books recently! i sleep with many books on my bed, you can found lots of book beside my pillow. I’m typical person who can’t finish read one book then start read another one. I’m so easy bored-person, i used to read many book at many times. So when i feel bored, i read another one, and it takes more time to finish them, hehehehe, but its fun. My fav topic nowadays is about self improvement – mind -  and make this life worthed. Oh, its amazing how reading effect our life, thats why i love reading. Its give me change of perspective, different way to think something, and how to face everything with new thought. But, its back from what you read, depend on your book. I think thats important to filtered what we read, i acknowledge that several book can give you negative impact on your life. So be wise when choose books, choose the high quality books that can makes your life shine & better. It would be great, believe me. Thats my today folks, see ya! ;)

This is my list that i currently read, if you never read them i suggest you to take a look, especially for number 3, it such a great book. Hope you found something on your life! Love :*

1.       dale carnegie – life is short, make it gread
2.       malcolm gladwaell - Blink
3.       terapi berpikir positif – Dr. Ibrahim elfiky

just found this old photos on my folder :p


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