Fairy tale

Hiiiiiii long time no see blog! Today i’m gonna share a unique and beautiful place on my town. So, last week i went for short holiday to ‘Farm House’ maybe if you’re Bandung citizen you know exactly this place right? This place is super cute and become hot topic right now. If you want to visit Farm House, you should come early morning because many people want to come here (especially for selfie!) Believe me, you’ll found 99,9% visitor selfie everrryyywhere, because Farm House has many unique spot, you can also found ‘Hobbit House’ here! If you come in the afternoon this place gonna be super duper crowded (even not in weekend). Farm house open at 09.00 am, and located in Lembang Bandung, ticket price only Rp 25.000 and you can get free fresh milk! the best thing is the air is super fresh because Lembang located in high land. Don’t forget to bring your camera if you visit this place, believe me, there are many cute spot to capture! See ya!!!

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  1. aaa farm house banduung, pengen bangeet kesini huhu. btw suka banget sama editan fotonya, berasa balik ke jaman 80'an!! ♥

    My Little Cream Button ♥


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