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God have slap me and remind me, i don’t realize the purpose at the start, but Allah loves me. God trying to take me from the cliff, God give me advice from others and in unexpected time that was heard by me. In my country there is a word called ‘kebetulan’ . I never believe that. For me, everything is happen for a purpose. So God have remind me time to time, and i don’t realize, sometimes we must punched by something to make our eyes open and see the truth, that whats God did to me right now, i think. This sickness is a reminder, but thanks God is really kind, maybe if i don’t know i was sick my life habbit won’t get better, i still eat any junkfood and don’t care about health, i even realized that i need to focus on whats important to my future i should start DO all my plan correctly. I believed when we do thing right, a right thing will come to us too. I don’t want to be a girl who crying in the end because abandoned advice from other. I won’t let that happen to me. I’m gonna LEAD.

January, 2016.


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