We are need a light on our life.

I don’t know what is wrong with me. i think i have everything i want, family, friends, enough money, nice stuff, food, and many more and i grateful for everything i have. But deep in myself, my soul is empty, i feel empty, i lost of sight, and i wanna cry, i swear. Then i cry. I never told what i feel to anyone because they won’t understand what i feel and i don’t know how to explain. So i cry alone with myself when pray. I know Allah loves me, Allah always beside me and always hear me. Maybe i just feel lonely, i hate myself why i was so weak, life is full of obstacle, how can i passed this life if i weak. So i just write this on my blog to let go half of this feelings in a post.

We come on this life for a purpose. We search for the way of faith. We are need a light on our life.


  1. Hi Ka! Wish that your blue-day will turn into colorful one. Follow back blogku ya ka http://layaramprims.blogspot.co.id/ thank you

  2. So do I :(
    lucky u, u have many friends, family n enough money. tinggal kita yang selalu bersyukur apapun yang diberi Allah kepada kita...


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