Turning Point

Well, i'm on my room in Jakarta, sitting on my bed, time shows 01.00 am. i contemplated what i've been passed on my life. i try to seek on the deepest part of every journey, they're so much lesson and experience that God give to me. I'm thankful for everything, Allah always kind to me and i'm just a sinner. 

My friends often talk about their lonely life without partner/boyfriends recently, but nowadays i'm on a point where i just wanna living my life for my Lord, do what God loves, be kind to others, life with a meaning. I don't want to think about partner/lover/boyfriend nowadays, i learn from my past, people make a plan, and God make a plan. Even both of us want to stay together, but if God said the opposite, there's always a reason to separate. Maybe God have better partner for each of us, maybe God wants us to focus develop ourself, and many more, but out of that thing i always believe Allah know the best and i never doubt God. I'm not hanging a hope for somebody or expect on lover to come over this time, i just walk my life with my best and i think i still have so many task to do for myself, so i try to focus on it right now. Bismillah. 


  1. I'm totally agreed with your thought! :)
    Sometimes being alone brings you nearer to God and I always thought that there LOTS of things you can actually do when you're alone. :)



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