Discover wilderness

 Nature has a sound, for those who listen. 
i went to Rancaupas, a peaceful place in Ciwidey, West Java, Indonesia. Few weeks ago. It was great time to escape. I see wide green areas, with a long grass, i heard the air whispered on my ears, i heard epic sound of beetle, bird, merge into one harmonious melody, i even met a deer! i love deer so much, its like i was on folktale when i meet this creature, deer horn was so classic & beautiful. God give me chance to live once, i can't repeat time or back to the past, so i want discover and explore this world more and more, before i get old and can't go anywhere.



more pics see on my 
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  1. Halo, kak! great photos. Bisa jadi refrensi liburan nih, tapi jalan kesananya rame ngga kak? hahaha

    btw, I've followed your blog! :)


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